Principles of Computer Vision (IN2133)

Winter 2023/24

Tue: 15:15-16:45 Lecture (BC2 0.01.17, 8102.EG.117)
Fri: 09:15-10:45 Lecture (BC2 0.01.17, 8102.EG.117) (every 2 weeks starts on Oct 20)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Darius Burschka (link to lab-info, projects and MSc thesis topics)

Mon, Feb 19: Check seat assignment for the exam on Feb 20th at 1:30pm.
Tue, Oct 17: Initial meeting at 3:15pm on Tue, Oct 17 to discuss details of the lecture. I will try to transmit it live on Computer Vision live if I can find Internet in the room.

Link to previous year's lecture recordings

Slides from Recordings as PDF
(PDF login: vision, password was sent in the mail sent to all registered participants)

General Informatiom:

The exam form is a closed book written exam. There are no books, scripts and programmable electronic devices allowed.
Exam assignment Feb 20th, 1:30pm
MatrNr. 03635671 - 03758663 in room Interims II HS2 (5416.01.003)
MatrNr. 03762251 - 03793730 in room Interims I HS2 (5620.01.102)

The recordings will show up over time in the Public Room Recordings section on here linked website
The recording names start with a number specifying the order. The playback of the recording may not work on cellphones or tablets, so use a desktop or laptop computer with Chrome or Firefox for it.