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3D Exploration of Indoor Environments

Human Computer Interfaces (8MB MPEG)  

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See my current research projects here

Past research projects:
                     Human Computer Interaction based on XVision
(left) interactive "pong" game, where the user plays with his hands (right) gesture recognition

(see example MPEG movie for the gesture recognition- it starts with a teaching step, where the system requests specific gestures followed by the recognition step showing the currently grabbed image in the upper small window and the matched template in the lower one)

System presentation: see ZDTV report

               Examples (Applications) of Human Computer Interaction
  • Manipulation of Artifical Objects (MPEG) (grasping of objects on the screen) - after an initial teaching phase the system allows manipulations of artifical objects
  • Vision-Based Interfaces(MPEG)(calculator application)
  • Color based feature selection + tracking 
    (MPEG from ICRA99 in Detroit)
    (MPEG of color tracking based on XVision)
    Laser-Based Navigation based on  XVision and 

     HTML-slides about Laser-Based Map Generation

    (see example(MPEG)  of Visual Servoing method for mobile navigation)

    Vision-based control
    work together with UIUC group

    Positive (objects) and negative (gaps) obstacle detection from stereo vision.
    One of the original images (left), calculated disparity image (right) and detected obstacle (bottom).
    In the MPEG movie  the box is recognized as an obstacle, but not the newspaper presented later.
    Vision-based obstacle avoidance used for safe navigation of the mobile robot ( MPEG movie )
    Omnidirectional navigation for mobile systems. 
       - Vision Based Navigation
       - Virtual Joystick ( MPEG movie )

    Vision-Based Control for Robocup
    A few Robocup impressions from Seattle 2001

    PhD Thesis: "Videobasierte Exploration von Innenräumen am Beispiel eines binokularen Stereo-Kamerasystems",
                             Reihe 10, Nr. 573, VDI Verlag, 1999
                             (engl. "Vision-Based Exploration of Indoor Environments at an Example of a Binocular Stereo System")

             HTML-slides about my Thesis (engl.)

    Pages about Vision-Based Exploration