Robotics (IN2067)

Winter 2023/24

Tue: 09:15-11:45 Lecture (HS1 Interims I, 5620.01.101)
Mon: 14:15-15:45 Tutorial (HS1 Interims II, 5416.01.004) (starts Nov 07)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Darius Burschka (link to lab-info, projects and MSc thesis topics)

Mon, Oct 30: No lecture on Tue, Oct 31 due to SVV. We will continue with lecture (as an exception) on Monday (Nov 6 - tutorial time and room) and move the first tutorial to Tue (Nov 7 - lecture time and room).
Sat, Oct 14: The lecture starts on Tue, Oct 17. Due to large number of registered students, I will try to stream it also on live stream

Live stream from the current lecture

Link to previous year's lecture recordings

Link to previous years's tutorial recordings

Slides from Recordings as PDF
(PDF Login: robotics, password will be announced in the first lecture and sent to participants with email afterwards)

General Informatiom:

The exam is a closed book written exam with 3 problems (DH+Jacobians,Dynamics, Control). There are 2 self-written (handwritten with own writing and not photocopied) DIN A4 surfaces (a page) allowed with all equations and info of your choice. It needs to be self-written, not photocopied, and in your handwriting.

The recordings will show up over time in the Public Room Recordings section on here linked website in its bottom part.
The recording names start with a number specifying the order. The playback of the recording may not work on cellphones or tablets, so use a desktop or laptop computer with Chrome or Firefox for it.

The book from Craig mentioned on TUMonline and in the Motivation is supposed to be used for additional study. The slides are in the movie and can be accessed by pausing the movie and pressing the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner. They may not provide sufficient initial information alone without any additional explanation from book or movie for study (for the students waiting until the usual 15hrs before the exam to start studying [someone called it workflow] in an email 😂). A copy as pdf for taking notes can be accessed through the link underneath with the login robotics and the password of the recordings.